Asset Auction Services

assetRiHaGo Auctions is not just an Auction House, but a total auctioneering and re-marketing solutions provider in Nigeria. We provide a wide range of value added services under one roof. We will identify your requirements and take total control in providing solutions to your satisfaction.

Asset Auction Logistics

logisticsWelcome to RiHaGo Auction Logistic Services, whatever your need for asset inspection, drop-off or delivery – from single items to warehousing of assets for disposal – we have it covered. With our logistic services you are in safe expert hands. You can choose complete end-to-end asset logistics solutions, or simply one of our services.

Asset Auction Inspection

asset-auction-inspectionAccurate description of items put up for sale as early as possible in the asset turnover process is paramount. For smaller and individual items, we are happy to receive pictures of your assets to make an initial determination of viability for sale. For larger items and bulk quantities, we’ll inspect your items wherever they are. Whether based in several locations, private homes or storage facilities, our highly trained inspectors will visit your location and while utilizing cutting edge technology, produce reports on the conditions of all assets.

Asset Auction Valuation

asset-auction-valuationOur Asset Inspectors are specially trained to project your asset price based on the reports compiled while determining the condition of the assets. Our primary inspection is based on visuals where applicable, followed by 3rd party comprehensive test reports that provide details of the most essential elements of the machinery, equipment, vehicle or other technical asset. Our valuation helps the seller to decide the most reasonable value / price (Reserve) as well as to build confidence among buyers at the auction.

Asset Insurance

asset-auction-insuranceAs a value added service to our clients, we take another step by providing asset insurance in-house with Nigeria’s most reputable insurance companies. With proper documentation, we arrange asset insurance within a very short time scale. For more information please contact our customer service department to assist you.

Asset Inventory Management

asset1Our cutting-edge technology provides RiHaGo Auction with the capability to manage and remarket thousands of assets, offering a range of services that add maximum value directly to your bottom line.

Reduce disposal days and costs with RiHaGo Inventory Management

We invest in people and technology to bring you the most advanced management systems for asset inventory. Whether the assets are on your own location, awaiting collection, in-transit, on-site at a RiHaGo Auction site or a third party site, being offered online or in the auction hall, or once they are sold awaiting buyer collection and payment, our tools give us total visibility and control. Combined with our people expertise, our inventory management processes are designed to provide us with central control of your asset, helping to reduce your overall disposal days and costs.

Data Integration & Reporting

dataInformation on assets for auction, inspection, transport or any other remarketing activity can be electronically transferred, giving us instant insight and control. Additional details of items on auction are also automatically displayed to buyers logging in to the RiHaGo website, helping to increase their value and speed of sale.

Document Management

docOur comprehensive document management services help us stay in total control of all your assets registered for auction.

RiHaGo Auction’s Document Management offers retention, verification, scanning and production of documents for all history relevant to any asset posted for auction by RiHaGo.